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CHINT Protects the Electricity Usage in Kuwait

In 2019, an electrical breakdown happened to the Alstom GIS that has been operating in Kuwait for 25 years, which directly caused the local Omariya substation to lose power and could not supply power normally. In February 2020, CHINT received an inquiry from NCC (National Contracting Co. LTD.), the EPC contractor of the project, and immediately established an Omariya project team to ensure the efficient operation of all parts. From the cooperative design of with Alsoom, product quotation, contract signing, raw material production, to the on-site installation and commissioning of 25 132kV GIS with double-spaced busbars, CHINT has overcome various inconveniences caused by the epidemic in a short period of 5 months and successfully sent power.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The successful signing of CHINT’s contract was not accomplished overnight. As early as 2014, CHINT passed the pre-qualification of the Ministry of Water and Electricity (MEW) of Kuwait, and embarked on the road of competing with companies in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Since 2015, CHINT has successively served as Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and National Hydropower Corporation, and have provided equipment for dozens of substation engineering projects such as the Ministry of Housing and Welfare, and have supplied more than 300 bay GIS and multiple power transformers and put them into use, which further guarantees the local people’s life and industrial production power, quality and service reputation. 

In 2019, CHINT successfully won the Mutlaa substation EPC project of the Housing and Welfare Department and became the first Chinese private enterprise to enter the general contracting market of Kuwait substation engineering. Now, through continuous learning and exploration of the local power grid, CHINT has successfully implemented the Omariya project, which has once again added a lot of meanings to the Chinese company in the Kuwait power market.

During the implementation of the project, CHINT's professionalism and product maturity have been highly recognized by customers. The local authoritative magazine in Kuwait carried out a large-scale report on the smooth implementation and significance of the project, which greatly enhanced CHINT's local brand image and laid the foundation for further expansion of the power market in Kuwait and the Middle East in the future.



A Gift for the 50th Anniversary of Kuwait-China Diplomatic Ties
A Gift for the 50th Anniversary of Kuwait-China Diplomatic Ties
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CHINT and BYD Join Hands to Serve the British New Energy Market
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Vietnam: See How CHINT's New Energy Service "Goes Global "
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        • Disjuntor DR - DDR
        • Acessórios para Mini Disjuntores e DDR
        • Chave Seccionadora
        • Chave de Transferência
        • DPS
        • Botões / Sinalizadores & Contator Modular
        • Quadro de Distribuição
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        • Controlador Inteligente de Compensação de Potência Reativa
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        • Transformador de Comando
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        • Transformador de Corrente
        • Fonte de Energia Ininterrupta
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        • Chave Seccionadora com Fusível
        • Chave de Transferência
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        • Transformador de tipo seco (até 35kV)
        • Transformadores à Óleo (até 750kV)
        • Reator tipo Shunt à Óleo (até 500kV)
      • GIS - Gas Insulated Switchgear
        • GIS - Gas Insulated Switchgear
      • Disjuntor Isolado à Ar - Alta Tensão
        • Disjuntor de Alta Tensão
        • Seccionador de Alta Tensão
        • Chave de Aterramento de Alta Tensão
      • Subestação Pré-fabricada
        • Subestação Pré-Fabricada
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        • Para-raios
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        • Capacitor Shunt de Alta Tensão
        • Banco de Capacitores Shunt de Alta Tensão
        • Dispositivo de Capacitor de Filtro
      • Isolador
        • Isolador
      • TC&TP
        • Transformador de Corrente SF6 (Externo)
        • Transformador de Tensão SF6 (Externo)
        • Transformador de Corrente à Óleo (Externo)
        • Transformador de Tensão à Óleo (Externo)
        • Transformador de Corrente Resinado (Externo)
        • Transformador de Tensão Resinado (Externo)
        • Transformador de Corrente Resinado (Interno)
        • Transformador de Tensão Resinado (Interno)
        • Transformadores de Tensão Capacitivos à Óleo
        • Unidade de Medição TC/TP
        • Transformador de Corrente - Sequência Zero
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        • Cabos
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